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Jan 8, 2013 3:00pm PST
moved. >> second. >> so moved and second, senator vietor. [laughter] >> procedural problem. all right. those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> opposed? all right, the motion carries. item 9a, is there a motion? >> so moved. >> so moved by commissioner caen. >> second. >> second by courtney. signify by saying aye. >> yee. aye. >> opposed? that item carries. item h, you had a comment? >> yes. there is a substitute resolution that is available to you and to the public. * commissioner caen if you could move the staff recommended corrections -- >> where are they? >> to the agenda item? they were -- >> okay. >> i don't think you have to read them into the record. you just need to move -- >> here it is. thank you. >> i have a substitute motion before me. i would like to propose the following change. it's about authorization for our general manager. and the additional whereas reads as follows. if a potential contract modification is under consideration that would increase the contract duration for 09 consecutive calendar days. to complete the additional contract work and addres
Jan 1, 2013 11:30pm PST
meeting, commissioners torres and moran and vietor passed the plan. and supervisors provided constructive feedback on the communication plan and urged us to move forward quickly. and we are seeking to authorize the additional task orders that would not exceed the $1.4 million. and this would allow puc to take an extensive communication effort and target eed residentsn phase 1 are aware of the program and its costs. funds associated with the contract would be utilized for city-wide telephone surveys and grassroots programs like environment now, and for television, and advertising services, for graphic design services and other types of outreach for the education of the cleanpowersf program. it's our commitment based on the feedback from you and the board of supervisors to ensure that the customers know what this program is. and how that opt out. and if they choose to stay with the program to understand the features. in closing in the last meeting commission moran had asked questions of how to reach out to other community programs. the board of supervisors offered the following
Jan 14, 2013 9:30am PST
other? >> no. >> commissioner vietor. >> yes, i had a follow up with that. with the code of kukd and the script and how we talk about the cleanpower sf and the pg&e offering and i don't know if that is sort of -- you talked about that internally i imagine but i think that would be a very important part of the roll out plan and the outreach plan is when that pg&e offering does come online how it will be talked about to the tar communities and the other groups that we will bring in down the road and i wanted to highlight that. i think that's important piece of the outreach program is how -- while staying within the bounds of the code of conduct -- >> right. >> how do we that and the 100% renewable and the 20% offering and really shows this is about a clean energy future. >> right and we will have the challenge of holding a potential customer's attention long enough to explain the differences as well and to educate on those nuances of renewable energy credit versus bundleeled kilowatt hours and it's complex and i don't know how long they will colerate -- tolerate us on the porch talking
Jan 8, 2013 9:30pm PST
. >> and commissioner vietor is on her way. >> all right, we're ready to go. i think on item number 3 we have a comment from ms. hood. >> yes, i have placed on your chairs an e-mail from someone with some proposed me minutes to the amendments for your consideration. >> all right. without objection those amendments will be accepted. and i think we can vote on it as amended, correct? >> yes. >> all right. i'll move it. >> moved by commissioner moran. seconded by commissioner courtney. call the roll. >> president torres? >> aye. >> vice president courtney? >> aye. >> commissioner caen? >> here. >> commissioner vietor? >> present. >> commissioner moran? >> yes. >> all right. motion carries. we'll interpret the present vote as an aye vote. the issue we talked about is just resolved by your vote. aerth great. i thought it was roll call. >> all right. i think we're ready for public comments. >> mr. de costa gave you a card. >> yes, i have mr. de costa's card. but you wanted to talk on item 4, mr. de costa, or public comment at the beginning? >>> public comment. i mentioned it on my card. >>
Jan 8, 2013 10:00pm PST
you have a comment, commissioner vietor, on this? >> no. i'm pleased, too, to see the progress. i'm hoping the funding, there is a plan to continuing the program. i didn't see any reference to that. >> all right. >> i have a question on this. is there some way that we could work this program into disposing of medicines in the black container? >> [speaker not understood]. >> yeah, because, i mean, actually the black container is gone through because those things are not recyclable. and it seems to me that might be another efficient way of taking care of medicines. >> go to the landfill instead of the toilet. which is fine with me. [laughter] >> that's okay. not okay with me, though, because of the landfill issue. >> right, right. >> because there is absorption through the earth end stead of the water. >> that affect the aquifers as well. at the end of the day we should be going after the pharmaceutical. the producers of viagra last year made $67 billion -- 57 -- >> throwing that one away. [laughter] >> all right. i think we're off track. [laughter] >> all right. report of the general
Jan 8, 2013 6:00am PST
-- commissioner vietor. >> sorry. yeah, i had a question just about the davis and associates contract and just to refresh my memory because i know we took this up at our puc meeting and we had a robust discussion around the scope of activities and we really wanted to hear from them and this goes to the supervisor's comments about their focus and their sweet spot if you will, but really to hear back, sort of cap the initial contract with them to -- so they are able to provide a more robust plan and meet the issues raised today and their plan for roll out and education to the various communities and addressing some of the issues around language so it's not jargon like and simplified and these pieces that we talked about in depth at our commission meeting and can you refresh us to the terms are? isn't that what they're doing and come back and this is the bull budget once we get that first piece of work done with them, correct? >> right. so what we were hoping is that after today's presentation you have a higher comfort level with what this whole plan looks like opposed to hearing about i
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
? commissioner vietor. >> i don't know where to start here, there is a lot on the table. first of all i want to thank steve ritchie, i know how full your plate is. and i know how long you have been working on this, and how complicated it is in some ways. and in some ways not that complicated. but i know how much effort you put in. and i want to thank but for the lake merced task force, but for all of you coming and keeping us on point on this. and reminding us the history and value of this important asset of the puc's. and i am also discouraged that no one from rec and park is here. because i feel like they should be. it's an important conversation and we are trying to get a common understanding if not relationship going with regards to this site. to keep on a big-picture view. there are several assets that the puc, parks and real estate that the puc owns that rec and park manages. and i don't know if we have, maybe this is a conversation for a later time. mous for each individual parcel. or an overarching mou, that we are the owners and you are the managers, and you do recreation
Jan 1, 2013 6:30am PST
. commissioner vietor. >> yes and i appreciate all the public comments that have been made and the comments too from this body and all of the work that the puc has done. i have been on the public utilities commission for four years plus and i know this cleanpower sf issue -- i think it's been eight years, nine years in the coming, and when i came on there was really this sort of sense that the puc wasn't stepping up, that the city didn't care that we weren't moving quickly enough and he we are at this opportunity to really move things forward. i think it's really remarkable and i think we all now recognize with hurricane sandy, with the inclement weather and the winter we're having now that climate change and renewable power and local energy provision is paramount and we need to main ain and amplify that commitment as a city. i also continue to have my eye on the prize of the local build out and the promise of that because i think not only is the job opportunity great, and all kinds of implications around work force training and at the local level and diversify that source and needs to be local
Jan 1, 2013 9:30pm PST
biggest one, and this goes to what visioner eer commissioner vietor was saying, the power enterprise. we were concerned about the need to raise our municipal power rates. and we did and that changed the fundamental picture. and we have a cca program that has different burdens placed on it as a result of the board of supervisors. it's important for us to see how those changes are reflected in the financial program. and last year in order to make the power enterprise balance, we took a whole bunch of capital program and put it beyond 10 years. which is not to ignore it, but said we would spend money in prolonging the life of transition, specifically, that would allow us to defer beyond the 10 years in the plan. we need to keep an eye on that, and see what the smartest way of dealing with that known need. which currently falls off the edge of the page. and i think the go-solar issues fit in this as well. but it's an opportunity to take a high-level look at the major drivers of the business plan for each enterprise. see what those long planned trends are and to assess the powe
Jan 1, 2013 9:00pm PST
meeting is adjourned. happy holidays. >> call the roll. [calling roll] >> commissioner vietor will arrive momentarily. >> we have a quorum. >> any additions? >> i move the minutes of november 13? >> second. >> those in favor, signify by aye. >> motion carries. public comments? dr. jackson. dr. jackson. >> thank you very much, dr. jackson, hunter's point. i wasn't going to come today but it became an emergency. we have a large problem in the southeast sector of san francisco, especially with our children. we have a turf, where children that live in a full-block area cannot leave out to get to school. there was a group financing the young men and women to the college, and they were doing well. but the funding stopped last friday. i am concerned about the young people getting to school. i know there are programs and i talked to one this morning with the city hall, the young people wears colored jackets and things but only 12 staff. my concern is a community benefit fund for hunter's point and that's funding for all over the city. but my concern is when funds are given out to so-called
Jan 1, 2013 10:00pm PST
structured mid-cycle review. >> if i may through the chair, a question to commissioner vietor, in the past you have given up additional initiatives or changed them. and this is to the degree that you have a new initiative that you want us to slice and dice the budget in that way. >> and maybe contextualize the review, and have the opportunity to add and delete, and an opportunity to say, is this still right. and if it is right, have we made progress or not, and why not. >> okay. commissioner moran. >> one other thing, you mentioned the score card activity. and that kind of came out of the rate-payor insurance policy. what i intended in that, that policy has a bunch of specific things that we said we would do. and i was hoping for some way to come back and say, okay, we need to be able to certify it our rate payors that we are doing what we said we were doing. that's a little different than a score card. it's more general, did you serve water to all customers. very high-level stuff. i want to be sure that we don't lose track in the policy direction that we gave to the department. we we
Jan 8, 2013 10:30pm PST
retail customer, yes. >> okay. >> commissioner vietor. >> i had a question about [speaker not understood] maybe for barbara -- around the work that's going on and how it ties in with some of this local power work. because one of the assumptions, and i think it's a pretty significant assumption, is that the commercial buy-in, whatever we want to call it, the commercial -- the socialization question, but there is also the question of whether they're really going to opt-in and become customers of cca. if they're part of the collection data process, [speaker not understood] whether it's in our color-coded areas or elsewhere, what the commercial appetite for the buy-in to cca? >> no, we had not envisioned surveying commercial customers at this time. we do have some commercial customers who have expressed an interest, which is why we highlighted the ability for them to say i'd like to come in, and then for us to go through the opt-out process for customers like that. we can consider further whether it's appropriate to include commercial customers in the first telephone survey. >> yo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)